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A trial lawyer with over 18 years of experience. George began his legal career working as a lawyer to a Georgia Superior Court Judge, a Federal District Court Judge, County Attorney.  He worked as an Insurance Defense lawyer representing Insurance Companies in all areas of litigation.  He started his own practice in 1996 and since then has secured over 100 "not guilty" verdicts in criminal jury trials and millions of dollars of settlements and judgments for his client in civil personal injury, workers compensation and business lawsuits.  His reputation in the courtrooms of Georgia is legendary and is often contacted by sheriff's deputies, judges and prosecutors when they need legal help for friends and family.  They don't call him the "Real Deal" George Creal for nothing. 


New fees for sending in a License Letter: they are not raising taxes if they just raise fees. 13-May-2010

Legislative Update: DUI Arrestee Driver's License Tax. When you are arrested for DUI in Georgia, generally you must send a letter to save your Georgia..

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